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Super-thin models spark renewed debate over size zero

London Fashion Week has so far resisted overwhelming pressure to ban dangerously underweight models from the catwalk.But the debate over the issue was reignited on Saturday after skeletal women with sunken cheeks and stick-thin legs were seen walking the runway at the Versace show.The gaunt models paraded their worryingly slender limbs in

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From Farm Cove to Fashion Week

Samuel Malloy, an East Auckland fashion designer, has a penchant for standing out.

A model wears Venin, Samuel Malloy's new label he debuted at New Zealand Fashion Week.
At the recent New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW), he showcased his label Venin, pronounced vi-neen, French for venom or venomous.
Only eight other fashion design students, like himself, were chosen from around the country to participate in NZFW's graduate show.
They had

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